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Agroholding ANK is one of the key players in the agricultural market of the Amur Region and it owns more than 40 000 hectares of land.
Growing and subsequent processing of soybeans are among the priority areas of activity.
The annual harvest is more than 35 000 tons of NON-GMO soybeans.
ANK has 2 elevators for preparation of seeds and storage of soybeans and grains.
More than 400 people are employed for agricultural production at Agroholding.

About us

In 2017, construction of workshops for refining and packing bottled soybean oil was completed, which marked the completion of the large-scale project for construction of the oil extraction plant.
As of today, the plant's productivity is 200 tons of soybeans per day, which is 70 000 tons per year. Production capacities allow the enterprise to produce 50 000 tons of oilseed meal and 10 000 tons of oil.
The products of the oil extraction plant are highly valued by Russian and foreign consumers.

Production capacities

At all stages of the production line, strict quality control of the products is carried out, starting with laboratory inspection of raw materials according to all the requirements of the State Standard (GOST), ending with the final product.
All workshops are equipped with modern automated equipment, production capacities of which allow to produce 15 million of one liter bottles or 3 million of five-liter bottles per year.


Soybean oil is a useful and valuable product of soybeans processing, obtained by way of pressing or extraction. Due to its high biological activity, content of vital fatty acids and vitamins, it is the soybean oil that takes the leading place among the oils of other cultures.
Soybean oil is not only well-known to an ordinary consumer, but also it has found application in various branches of the food and technical industry.
5 top exporters
of the vegetable oil, %:
Use of the soybean oil
Production of mayonnaises,
margarines, sauces.
Soap boiling
Production of
varnishes and paints
The structure of vegetable oil world consumption

About the brand

The soybean oil "Amur Pearl" is a new brand in the vegetable oil market, which is aimed at the average price segment of consumers who value quality and environmental friendliness of the product. Production technology allows to preserve the natural use of oil maximally, and makes it resistant to high temperatures.
The products of "Amur Pearl" trademark won the awards in the prestigious competitions at international foodstuffs exhibitions, such as PRODEXPO and Golden Autumn (Moscow), and are also a diploma winner of the "100 Best Goods of Russia 2019" contest.
  • produced from the soybeans grown in the Amur Region, without GMO;
  • modern production technologies;
  • unique ergonomic package;
  • content of vitamins E and F;
  • universality in use;
  • does not contain cholesterol, odorless;
  • does not foam, resistant to high temperatures during cooking;
Excellent for:
seasoning of
first courses
1 liter
5 liters
0,4 liters

About the brand

Refined, deodorized soybean oil.
Superior grade.
Without cholesterol
Without GMO
Package volume:
0.4 liters, 1 liter, 5 liters
100% soybean oil
Shelf life:
15 months
Products conform to:
Technical Regulation of the Customs Union (TR TS) 024-2011;
State Standard (GOST) 31760-2012
Nutrition value in 100g of the product:
Fat – 99.90%
Vitamin F – not less than 82.0 %;
Vitamin E – not less than 154 mg.

Transportation package

The bottled soybean oil “Pearl of the Amur” is packed in ergonomic branded corrugated boxes made of three-layer cardboard. This package makes transportation and warehouse storage convenient, and also undergoes reprocessing, which contributes to preservation of the environment.
Wrapping material and package:
Volume of the bottle, liter 0.4 1 5
Number of bottles in the box, pcs. 24 12 3
Size of the box, mm. 308х248
Weight of the box, kg. 8,83 12,7 13,1
It is also possible to pack products in shrink film.


"Amur Pearl" soybean oil is supplied to a number of Russian Far East regions, as well as to China, Vietnam and the Republic of Korea. The future plans are to expand the sales geography.
Delivery is carried out through the largest distributors, with whom the work is based on the principles of responsible partnership and creating favorable conditions for business.

Promotion and marketing

Active marketing support of the product on the market is an important factor of successful sales.
In order to promote the trademark “Pearl of the Amur”, effective channels of promotion are used:
  • TV advertising;
  • Advertising on the radio;
  • Advertising in printed publications;
  • Internet promotion;
  • Outdoor advertising;
  • Advertising in points of sale;
  • Participation in events;
  • Degustation sessions;
  • Conducting sale promotion actions;
  • Participation in exhibitions / fairs.
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